Saturday, January 16, 2016

आज अचानक..................

आज अचानक दैनिकी साह्रै monotonus भएको अनुभव भयो। लेख्ने पढ्ने बानी त हराएर गएछ । कुनै एउटा समय थियो हरेक हप्ता नयाँ नयाँ पुस्तक पढेर सकाएको हुनै पर्थ्यो मलाई, हरेको दिन सुत्नु भन्दा अगाडि ब्लग मा केही न केही लेखेकै हुनुपर्थ्यो । आज ब्लग हेरेको त , ब्लग मा कुनै लेख नलेखेको पनि दुई बर्ष हुन लागिसकेछ । हैट समय जती सबै फेस्बूक  टुइटर्  र youtube ले खाएछ । सिर्जन्सिलता भन्ने चिज सबै मरेर गएछ । आजकाल ते केही कुरा लेख्न खोज्यो भने पनि हात नै सर्दैन, दिमाग मा केही आउन्दैन । कम्प्युटर को अत्यधिक प्रयोग, जे कुरा पनि गूगल मा खोज्ने बानी र कपि पेस्ट सिन्ड्रोम ले दिमाग त साह्रै बोधो बनाएछ । सधैं यस्तै भयो भने त खत्तम हुन्छ । अब जीवन सैली मा फेरी परिवर्तन गर्नु पर्ने बानी गर्नु पर्ने भो । दैनिकी लाई सिर्जन्सिल बनाउनुपर्छ । हरेक हप्ता नयाँ नयाँ पुस्तक हरु पढ्ने बानी बसाल्नु पर्छ अनी सधैं केही न केही लेखिरहनु पर्छ ।

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Positive vs Negative

Every morning I try to get up, there are two forces acting on me. One force (Positive) tries to pull me out of bed and another force that asks me to continue cuddling in bed. Every morning, these two forces fight among themselves for me. The result is usually the positive force wins but sometimes the negative force wins and keeps me in bed in the time when i should have been in track. This negative force got victory over my positive force today and the result.......I was cuddling in bed in the time when I should have been sweating in track.....and regretting latter on.

I think its a regular life event. In each and every step of life there are two forces acting at the same time the positive and negative. If the positive force become stronger you won and if the negative force become stronger you loss. In my opinion all the successful people in the world have made their positive forces strong through regular practice or other different means where as in the unsuccessful people the negative force have become more stronger than the positive force.

To gain victory over the negative force one needs cultivating environment, continuous positive thought, good life habits etc............Gaining victory over the negative force is not any easy task. Though its difficult it is possible and once you gain victory over the negative force you will fell as if you are on the top of world.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Because I run..............

Few months ago when we were out of a very long, terrible and tough meeting Dr Neeta asked me "Sanjeev jee, how can you be so fresh and smiling at the end of such a tough meeting". I hadn't realised that I was looking fresh and was smiling even when my supervisors were shouting at me. After thinking for few minutes.......I realised that I had started running in the morning since last one month and the effects were already started to be seen.................I became excited.

Few weeks latter I was sitting adjacent to Dr Bisika in a meeting and she said me "Sanjeev jee, it seems that you are loosing weight these days. Is it right ?". I just replied "Oh really..." And didn't tell anything in front of her. I said with in myself......."It is because I run....."

Once I was going through some very very difficult times. Yeah....very very hard times.......there were questions related to my performance..........there were serious concerns from the donor that some of the activities that I should have accelerated were moving in a sluggish way. With in my own organization also there were some criticisms regarding performance of my unit. I was surrounded by stress, tensions, matrixes and deadlines.......I had allmost collpased. I was in immense stress and pressure. I had almost forgotten to laugh. Many health problems had started to appear in me and I was about to reach the stage of depression.........Despite all these problems I had never lost the hope and was looking for some positivity. I kept on working hard thinking that someday I could bring changes and could prove those people who were questioning on my performance as wrong. But I was looking for some therapy to keep me surviving on these stress, pressures and burden. And suddenly i found this therapy "Running early in the morning".

In the first few days it was very difficult.....but in few days I was able to manage it. I got up early in the morning.....put on my gears and started to run. I took the help of some blogs by morning runners and started going through some motivatinal videos on youtube. All these strategies helped me to continue running every morning. After running for few months, the winter started and I felt lazy. It was difficult for me to get out of bed early in the chilly morning. I was again back to the stage of lazzyness and again surrounded by the stress and burdens.

Since last one month, I'm again back on track. I have started running early in the morning. This gives me freshness on whole day in my work. All my stress, burdens and pressures are swept away from my body in the form of sweat.......I feel really really very fresh, agile and motivated at the end of half an hour morning run. These days morning run has become a part of daily life.....its no more a daily routine. As I dont have to remember to take breath, I dont have to remember to do morning run after getting up in the morning. This happens automatically................I'm looking forward to continue this morning run till my last breath.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Haribansha: China Harayeko Manchhe

Few months ago I had made a promise of reading one book every weekend. I succeded on some weekends. I finished reading Summer love, Seto Dharti, yayabar and autobiography of Binod Chaudhary. Though I couldn’t utilize each weekend as I had promised these were the books that I finished on my weekends in past few months. This last weekend I finished “China Harayeko Manchhe” autobiography of Haribansha Acharya and also watched a movie “Yeh Jawani hai diwani”.

The book “China Harayeko manchhe” is all about the success and struggles of a guy from a poor family. Its all about how Haribansha struggled in his acting career and how he travelled from a small role in a play to the todays most liked film actor. Besides this his support in all the big movements of the country is highly appreciable. The partnership of Haribansha with Madankrihsna is a real epitome of partnership. Such kind of partnership can be hardly seen these days. Besides the struggles of his reel life the book also gives the struggle of Haribansha in real life. Haribansha has potrayed very well on the sickness of his wife and the best effort he did to get her treated. In overall the book is a true heart touching story of a good father, a good husband, a good actor and a patriotic son.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review of "One night in a call centre"

Reading Chetan Bhagat is always interesting. Thanks to my wife who gave me this novel. It was second time I was reading Chetan Bhagat. I had already read “Five point someone” by the same author. Reading five point someone was interesting but many of the plots resembled the movie “Three Idiots” so it was placid somewhere. The joy of reading chetan Bhagat is that his choice of words are so simple that it keeps you glued to the book. One of the things that I most enjoyed while reading “One night in call center” is that it is very simple and teh words are easy to understand. The communication used in the book is based on day to day communication style and the characters are live. While reading the book it feels like all the characters are people around us.

One night in a call center is a story of Shyam, Priyanka, Vroom, Esha and Radhika. They all work in a call center and represent the young generation of today. Shyam and Priyanka were once in love but now they both are Seperated and Priyanka is now about to marry Ganesh an employee in Microsoft. Vroom and Esha are close friends. Vroom proposes Esha but she rejects his proposal and she is aspiring to be a model. And Radhika is a typical modern Indian daughter in law who has to fulfill the demands of her in laws and has to work in office as well. This is the gyst of the novel but writer has intertwined these stories in a lovely and interesting way and had presented it in a beautiful manner.

The book shows the story of the current young generation people and how they perceive the relationships and love. And also the book has shown the changes the “Call centers” has brought in the young generations of India.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reading Summer Love in Winter Season

 I felt good in reading summer love by sitting in my balcony in the chilling winter season. A novel written by a youth writer for young generation. Its good that in Nepali literature also young writers are emerging who are writing the story of young people. I was very much impressed by the sharing of one young  writer last week Mr Amar Neupane in my village Hansapur. He had explained how he wrote his novel "Seto Dharti".

Summer love is story of Atit and Saya two representatives of young generation or better to say "Facebook generation" or "Skype generation". The novel has shown how the young generations fall in love and the consequences. For most youths love is just a time pass and a status symbol among their other colleagues.But its not same for all. The writer has portrayed in a very well manner a true love of Atit to Saya. Written in very simple words, representating the characters resembling to day to day life the book has power to grab the readers and wont let them go without finihsing the book. The chapters are so connected that after turning each page the reader feels like what would be next. The way writer has started the story and ended it is very fantastic. My best congratulations to Subin Bhattarai for bringing such fantastic book to the readers of young generation.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year Resolution

New year…….oh its time to make a new resolution…but should I make a new resolution again….. why should I?.....In the past also I had been making new resolutions on every first day of the year but none of them worked….yeah surely they work for very few days in the beginning but ultimately after few weeks or months…..the resolutions are lost and everything will be same……. undoubtly the resolutions help in boosting up ones moral and self esteem…but the problem is it doesn’t last long.

“I will get up early in the morning”, “I will give more time on reading”, “I will update my journal everyday”, “I will do this and that….” All these resolutions get big space in the beginning of every year…..but slowly with the passage of time the priorities get changed and resolutions are lost. So my resolution on this New Year is “Not to make any resolution” but will try to change each and every behavior that is not good.

Though I couldn’t adhere to the resolution I had made in the beginning of 2010, this year had been a wonderful year for me……in the very beginning of the year I finished my post graduation…..I was again back to my professional life after completing my two years of student life. A few consultancy works and my job as a lecturer enhanced my interpersonal skills, writing skills and presentation skills. Through my lecture I was able to keep myself updated. New friends, new relations and new environment were something which I enjoyed very much in the year 2010.

One of the great achievements I achieved in 2010 is that, a dream which I had seen in late 2006 was accomplished….i was able to join an organization which I had always dreamed of….. I was again amidst new, highly dedicated and motivated professional colleagues. Lot of responsibilities and lots of challenges and lots of opportunities ahead………..

But a lot is still to be done, a long way to go, lots of challenges and hurdles to be faced……hope each and everything will be fine and I will always achieving success as usual in 2011 as well………….